Close Reading Course 1: Taking a Second Look

The course "Taking a Second Look" starts building a foundation for Close Reading and why it is so important. Students will learn how to tap into prior knowledge with connections and how to make effective, purposeful annotations. We will dive deep into Close Reading photographs and illustrations to unveil the author's purpose. Teacher modeling Think Alouds with using higher order thinking skills will help students understand the process of Close Reading. Five 1 hour classes



  • Student must be a rising 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th grader.

E-Learning Class Information:

  1. Students need a laptop, ipad or surface pro with camera
  2. Students need ear buds or headphones with mic
  3. Enrolled students will be given a free one on one Skype to introduce the fundamentals of a virtual classroom


Course 1:


  • Five 1 hour sessions
  • Live virtual classroom
  • Course 1 will engage & excite students
  • Course is not on a grading scale.
  • Students will be given constructive feedback
  • Cost: $100.00

Course Materials

1. Laptop, Ipad or Surface Pro with built in camera 2. Earbuds or headphones with mic