Close Reading Course 3: It's All About Those Text Features (Part 2)

Part 2 of text features dives into more complex features such a charts, tables and graphs. Data can reveal important evidence and insight into the author's purpose. Students will make their own annotations and prior knowledge connections with teacher feedback. Five 1 hour classes      


 Completed the following Courses:

  • Close Reading Course 1: Taking a Closer Look
  • Close Reading Course 2: It's All About Those Text Features (Part 1)

E-Learning Class Information:

  1. Students need a laptop, ipad or surface pro with camera
  2. Students need ear buds or headphones with mic


Course 3


  • Five 1 hour sessions
  • Live virtual classroom
  • Course 3 will engage & excite students

  • Course 3 is not on a grading scale.

  • Students will be given constructive feedback

  • Cost: $100.00